To Repurpose

To repurpose otherwise unwanted or not used objects into useful projects can be both fun and profitable.  Oh, not profitable as in cash flow but as in  practical and useful items for homestead and or shop.

My par­ents lived thru and sur­vived the depres­sion years not only because they relied on their faith in God, but they were sur­vivors and because they had been raised to “make do” with what they had to stretch their liveli­hood and make life easier.

I was raised to think of repur­pos­ing as “being thrifty” and wise.  So as I fur­nished by work­shop I found many ways to stretch my bud­get, and enjoy being “cre­ative” with objects to repur­pose them from their orig­i­nal intent into some­thing use­ful in the shop.  Repur­pos­ing for shop use means improv­ing your shop tools and mate­ri­als orga­ni­za­tion as well as being thrifty.  Get­ting things into easy reach is nice too.

Repur­pos­ing allows me to be cre­ative;  so here I want to share some real­ly neat use­ful repur­pos­ing projects.  Below see the BLOG POSTS of items that I dis­cov­ered could be repur­posed into use­ful shop orga­niz­ing objects.  You can see some of my repur­pose projects close up.  See Below and click on image of interest.