Utility trialer

Construction Tools on Trailer

Repurposed Boat Trailer

I found a real­ly cheap old boat trail­er to repur­pose into a mobile Tool Trail­er for my con­struc­tion projects and around the farm weld­ing etc.

Was a lit­tle chal­leng­ing but was sat­is­fy­ing project when com­plet­ed.  Used many time around the farm and some on con­struc­tion remod­el­ing sites.  It had many tools and accessories.

  • 6KW Gen­er­a­tor
  • Air Com­pres­sor
  • 240 V Welder
  • acety­lene torch
  • Spar Tire
  • Large Tool Box
  • Small Tool Boxes
  • Air Hose on Rack
  • 50 feet # 6 AC Extension

This project was well worth the effort and Worth many time more than I invest­ed in the project.  Less than $50 NOT count­ing Tools.


old boat trailer repurposed
OLD boat trail­er Repurposed
repurposed w welder plus
Repur­posed w‑Welder Plus
mobile tool boxes
Mobile Tool Boxes
generator air comp
Gen­er­a­tor-Air Comp
finished tool trailer
Fin­ished Tool Trailer
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