Woodcraft Plans to Build Your Own

I love to share wood­craft ideas with oth­er DIY crafts peo­ple thru my “How I build Them” info-graphs.”  Crafts peo­ple can down­load instant­ly.   I pre­pare these build plans dur­ing an actu­al build, so my pre­sen­ta­tions are more than the typ­i­cal blue-print.

Many of my plans are orig­i­nal, and many one-of-a-kind , that can be built from any species of wood of your choice, by you.  Build plans, sent to you in info-graph­ic form, dig­i­tal down­loads, and are bet­ter than con­ven­tion­al blue­prints and come com­plete with details and pho­tos [actu­al build] to illus­trate “How I Build Them,” step by step.  They come to you imme­di­ate­ly after pay­ment.  Fast!  You sim­ply click a link and receive the plans.

Hope­ful­ly this will help you expe­ri­ence the same relax­ing fun.  I call it Rx for the soul.

Pick your project now from cat­a­log belowThey come to you imme­di­ate­ly after pay­ment.  Fast!  You sim­ply click a link in you con­fir­ma­tion email and receive the plans.

There are some Free down­loads list­ed below: “How I do them” info-graphs.

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Plans for Wood Craft Projects



One-of-a-kind Reading Center

Favorite read­ing is handy.  Keep acces­sories such as Remotes, Blood pres­sure mon­i­tor, iPads, Cell phones with­in reach.

Original Designs 

One-of-a-kind Card Holder

Build Your own orig­i­nal, on-of-a-kind designs; wood card holder.

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Very Unique 

Original Bread Slicer Guide design

Umm Good!  Noth­ing like home­made bread.   Serve per­fect slices from this easy to use slic­ing guide.   Detailed Plans are easy to read.

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One of a Kind

Read­ing Center

Original Designs

Card Dis­play

Very Unique

Bread slicer

Bread Slicer Guide

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