Magnetic floor sweep

Magnetic Floor Sweep


Three very nice plas­tic cov­ered mag­nets found in junk pile.  Not sure of use, but I decid­ed to build a mag­net floor sweep.

My shop is on grav­el floor.  And saw­dust accu­mu­lat­ed under and around my table saw.   Many time I had dropped a small objects; screws, nails, bolts; then need­ed help to find them.  A floor sweep mag­net works great for this.  I used scrap lum­ber and a dis­card­ed han­dle from an old broom.

Prob­a­bly not orig­i­nal but cre­ative in my think­ing and very useful.

magnetic sweeper
Mag­net­ic Sweeper
magnetic floor sweep
Mag­net­ic Floor Sweep
magnetic sweep
Mag­nets Attached to Base
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