Display for Cards 3.5“x 2″



















Card Dis­play:   Use as busi­ness card hold­er or for QueCards

This Card Dis­play with unique & orig­i­nal design of con­trast­ing wood col­ors will likely
turn some heads. This Plan offers lots of options for beau­ti­ful fin­ish­es from dif­fer­ent woods
and the many var­i­ous stains. I show you how to use scrap lum­ber that adds to the beauty
of this Card hold­er which can be a Cue Card Hold­er or busi­ness card dis­play for typical
busi­ness card size 3.5” x 2”. Of course you don’t have to use lum­ber scraps. You can
build it from the wood of your choice.

Que Cards:  Used for self study for per­son­al growth.  See the Free Que­Card Downloads. 

Down­load, Print, cut into 3.5 x 2 cards and dis­play in your DIY Que Card Display

Build Your Own

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